open letter

Dear industry friends!

As many of you know, since 2012 Lawo has been the exclusive OEM partner and reseller of arkona technologies products worldwide. Under the “V-line” brand Lawo has marketed and sold our products starting with the V__pro8, V__link4, V__remote4, and lately the V__matrix software defined product line based on the C100 processing blade.

For the last 10 years this arrangement saw a lot of success for both of our companies. Lawo’s complete video product portfolio, which gained a market leadership position for IP based infrastructure and processing solutions, was during this time solely based on our technology.

However, the exclusivity of this reseller agreement was not renewed and therefore will now end on December 31st 2023.

In practice this has the effect that as of January 1st 2024 Lawo will no longer be the exclusive reseller of the above named products.

Our primary concern is to ensure all end-users that their trust and investment in our technology is safe and we herewith confirm and commit ourselves to the continued support of the above-mentioned products in 2024 and beyond!

It is our sincere hope that you will continue to make use of our products as we have every intention to continue developing and supporting them!

We love technology and we love this industry and we have many more exciting products in the pipeline e.g. our 100GE solution for the platform. We will provide more information about our new reseller network asap.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly!

Rainer Sturm

I have a question about my V__ product, who do I contact?

You can continue to use your existing support but if for whatever reason you are not getting adequate support please contact and we will help you!

I would like to buy some more V__ products, who do I contact?

Until December 31st 2023 you can contact your existing sales representative. If for whatever reason you are not getting adequate assistance then please contact and we will help you!

I’m interested in expanding my existing V__matrix platform and want the latest technology, what can I do?

Please have a look at the at300 that fits into existing V__matrix frames and uses the same rear-plates. It also has a compatible API for the C100! Find out more at

I’m interested in the high-density HDR conversion app (vm_CC3D) for the C100, who do I contact?

Please contact!

I’m interested in the IO_MSC2 rear-plate and PTP GM/Master Clock functionality, who do I contact?

Please contact!

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